Hands-on Handmade

Visit our 2017 Hands-on Handmade Activity Area page for a complete list of FREE demonstrations, mini-tutorials, make-and-take activities and games presented by 17 local artists, artists groups, non-profits, museums, schools and more.

Our thoughtfully curated Hands-on Handmade (HOHA) activity area underscores the event’s dedication to cutting-edge crafts, Pittsburgh’s independent art and craft communities, and the global DIY maker movement.

Free to all ages, HOHA invites attendees to participate in inclusive, engaging, and innovative art, craft, tech and learning activities led by Pittsburgh-based artists, art collectives, and nonprofit arts organizations.

Situated adjacent to our vendor marketplace, HOHA features short and daylong drop-in projects, demonstrations, mini-tutorials, make-and-take activities, games, performances, and large-scale art installations.


The Artsmiths of Pittsburgh proudly presents Handmade Arcade’s Hands-on Handmade Activity Area. 

The Artsmiths of Pittsburgh, located at 1635 McFarland Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15216, is a 10,000 square foot arts and cultural center featuring local art, music, and food.  

HOHA is designed to:

  • Bridge the gap between consumers and creators
  • Allow HA to better serve our diverse and expanding audience
  • Engage attendees and vendors alike in a shared creative process
  • Encourage the public to consider the role of art, craft and tech in their own lives
  • Increase awareness about handmade, locally produced goods and processes. The event and hands-on activity area provide a vibrant platform to many artists and organizations for expanding their reach into Pittsburgh’s vibrant maker and DIY community.

Interested in participating in the Hands-on Handmade Activity Area at future events? Contact handson@handmadearcade.com and ask to be put on our HOHA mailing list.