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“Annual Handmade Arcade entices crafters to the ‘Burgh”
December 2, By JoAnne Klimovich Harrop / Tribune-Review

Thank you so much to writer JoAnne Klimovich Harrop for her wonderful feature story on Handmade Arcade & our 10th anniversary in the – Pittsburgh’s News Source (see today’s print edition!), which includes interviews with & insights from HA vendors The Broken Plate Pendant Co., Nine & Twenty and Red Prairie Press, as well as event organizers. Be sure to check out their online slide show filled with images of some of the fabulous wares that will be for sale on December 7th!

November, 2013 / By Michelle Dickson / WHIRL Magazine

Huge thanks to WHIRL Magazine for this terrific preview of Handmade Arcade in their new issue, which features a fab photo by Joey Kennedy of strawberryluna’s colorful booth. We love what they have to say about our 10th year!

“The Handmade Arcade Giveaway”
November 25 / NakYouOut

Check out NakYouOut‘s amazing prereview of Handmade Arcade and sign up to win FREE Early Birdie passes!

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Thank You to our Sponsors

Without the generosity of our sponsors, Handmade Arcade would not be celebrating “A Decade of DIY” – our 10th anniversary event. Today we thank The Sprout Fund and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

sprout_smallSince the beginning, The Spout Fund has been one of Handmade Arcade’s best champions. In 2004, the Sprout Fund made the first Handmade Arcade possible with a generous Seed Award and have been supportive of our new endeavors ever since. In 2006, they funded Handmade Arcade as we hosted the first-ever Craft Congress here in Pittsburgh. In 2011, they provided a Seed Award for the first incarnation of Hands-on Handmade. And in 2012 and again 2013, they have provided generous sponsorship dollars and support. Thank you to the Sprout Fund for everything you do to support the arts in Pittsburgh. 


Over the years, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts has provided Handmade Arcade with numerous Project Stream Grants. PCA recognizes the high standards set by the dedicated organizers of Handmade Arcade in engaging Pittsburgh’s thriving and vibrant DIY craft scene with the community who attends our unique event. To continue to support local crafters and artists, Handmade Arcade requires their on-going support and generosity. Thank you to the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts for all that you do for foster excellence, diversity and vitality of the arts in Pennsylvania.

As we get closer to the event, look for more sponsor spotlights. To view the rest of our sponsors, please visit our sponsor page.

“Shop local at the Handmade Arcade”

Take a minute to read about Handmade Arcade in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette! We are thrilled that three talented HA vendors and independent business owners and artists – John the Craftist, RedRaven Studios & Trokart – are featured in this weekend’s paper, and we hope to see all of you next Saturday, December 7th, when we celebrate “A Decade of DIY!”


Holiday cards by John the Craftist will be among the items at next weekend’s
Handmade Arcade at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Our Green Gift Guide

Enjoy this earth friendly sampling of handmade goods from Handmade Arcade artists. Because nothing feels better than giving a gift that reduces, reuses, recycles and inspires others to do the same. Come out to see the rest of our amazing artists and craftspeople at this year’s Handmade Arcade, Saturday, December 7th at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

ha1. Simple Circle Earrings by The Broken Plate
2. Upcycled Skirt by Upcycled Design
3. Stationary Set by Craftgasm
4. Army Hat by Endless Hats
5. Silverware Bracelet by Whimsical Wonders
6. Reclaimed Wood by Little Green Things
7. Salt Scrub by Una Biologicals
8. Pet Portrait by Dolan Geiman
9. Cheese Tray by Mitchell Glassworks

Cozy up for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is almost here and you know what comes after that, right?  You guessed it… Handmade Arcade will be returning to the David L. Lawrence convention center again again on Saturday December 7th!  We will have the best regional and national artists on hand selling some great handcrafted wares that will help you celebrate a warm and cozy holiday season.

Fotor1125946501. Slouchy Beret by Lagelle 
2. Fingerless Mittens by Xmitten
3. Birdie Teapot by Tasha McKelvey
4. Chevron Blanket by Bobaloo!
5. Art Print by Andy Kehoe
6. Neck Warmer by Nina Ramone
7. Handwoven Scarf by PidgePidge
8. Holiday Candles by 1820 House
9. Table Lamp by Nine & Twenty

Important Information for Vendors


The Vendor Maps are now online and Vendor Information page has been updated with load-in times and maps to the loading docks.

ELECTRICITY: An “E” beside your space means that you requested electricity. If there is not an “E” and you did request electricity before the deadline, please email immediately. (Requests for electricity can no longer be submitted and are only honored if your craft requires electricity.)

TABLE REQUESTS: There is an “N” beside your space if you asked to not have a table set up. If you requested to not have a table and your space is NOT marked with an “N”, please email us. Conversely, if there is a “N” beside your space and you DO need a table, let us know immediately.

We did our best to honor all table placement requests that were made. At this time, we cannot move anyone’s table. We can’t wait to see you and your amazing crafts on December 7th!

Learn the history behind Handmade Arcade

The hosts of Creative Briefs interview founding Handmade Arcade organizers Al Hoff, Jessica Manack & Elizabeth Prince about the history of the event, and also sit down and talk to several long-time and new Handmade Arcade vendors.

Three of our founding members recently sat down with the Creative Briefs team and spilled all! How did Handmade Arcade start? What is the wackiest thing that ever happened at a show? What are the organizers’ favorite memories? Listen to the podcast now!

Creative Briefs is a podcast for designers and creatives focused on what inspires and motivates people in their fields. Hosts John DeGore & Carl Huelsman of AIGAPittsburgh create a dialogue between creative professionals, encouraging the design community to help pick the brains of their guests using social media. Podcast hosts interview people doing creative things about their processes, philosophies and attitudes about design with questions driven by you.