$2,500 Hand Saw

Youth Maker Alley Naming Sponsor (One Available)


  • “NAME AND LOGO proudly presents Handmade Arcade’s Youth Maker Alley” listed on promotional materials including:
    • Printed event maps (24” x 36” mounted poster)
    • Youth Maker Alley web page and blog posts
    • Youth Maker Alley e-communications
  • Half-page event program ad (3,000 printed)
  • Logo displayed on:
    • Website homepage
    • Posters ((1,000 printed and placed throughout Allegheny County)
    • Website sponsor page for one year
    • Sponsor appreciation sign displayed near event welcome table  (24” x 36” mounted poster)
    • Port Authority interior and bulkhead advertisements
  • Promotional table at the event to sell wares or share company information ($250 value)
  • One blog post highlighting sponsorship shared to:
    • Facebook and boosted for five days (estimated reach of 8,000+)
    • Twitter
  • Three social media posts to:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
  • One targeted email highlighting sponsorship
  • Sponsorship mentioned in Press Release
  • Three DJ “Thank You” announcements throughout the event
  • Promotional materials included on take-away table and in Early Birdie gift bags (400)
  • Six Early Birdie shopping passes ($90 value)