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Location Information:
Handmade Arcade will be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLCC), at the corner of Penn Ave. and 10th Street, in downtown Pittsburgh. We are in Hall C.

You can find additional information about the Convention Center at their website, including driving directions, information on bus routes, and on nearby hotels. Event parking at the Convention Center is $10. There are also various parking garages throughout the downtown area.

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Directions and Parking:
Directions to the David L. Convention Center (DLCC) can found on online here.
The DLCC has a large parking lot with a low daily of $10 for the day. There are no in and out privileges for our vendor. Info can be found here. 

Special Note: The garages run by the Pittsburgh Parking Authority will be FREE Saturday, December 7. (This does NOT include the parking garage at the Convention Center.)

The three closest garages (within 2-3 blocks) of the Convention Center are:

  • Grant Transportation Center (part of Greyhound Bus station): Entrance on Penn Avenue, between 11th Street and 12th Street
  • Smithfield Liberty:  Entrances on Smithfield between Sixth Ave and Seventh Ave, or on Liberty at Ninth Street
  • Ninth and Penn: Entrance on Ninth Street, between Penn and Fort Duquesne Blvd.

More garages, maps and information are at

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Downtown Pittsburgh Hotel Information:
Information about hotels close to the Convention Center can be found here.

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HA Vendor Load-In Street Map
Coming Soon.

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Vendor Floor Map and and Load-in Time Zones:
Coming Soon.

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Setup Instructions:
Set up will run from 7:20 – 9:20 a.m., with the loading dock closing at 9:20 a.m. Please arrive at your assigned time ONLY — not earlier or later. Once you have unloaded your vehicle into the hall, you must move it out of the loading dock immediately, then return to begin to set up your table. You MUST be completely set up and ready to sell when the show opens to the Early Birdie shoppers by 10:00 a.m.

Volunteers are available to help you unload and find your table. Convention Center employees will assist with loading in and out large and/or heavy items. HA will also provide a dolly for your use (please keep in mind we will only have one dolly, so the more stuff you can carry yourself the better). You can pull your car up to the loading dock at your assigned time and unload. Immediately after unloading, you must move your car. Please be considerate of your fellow vendors.

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Tear Down Instructions:
Handmade Arcade ends at 7:00 p.m. Vendors are asked not to leave before that time. At 7:00 p.m. the loading dock doors will be opened and additional trash and recycling bins will be provided. Breakdown must be completed by 8:00 p.m.

Vendors should NOT break down the tables and chairs, that will be handled by the Convention Center staff.

Vendor Space:
Each vendor receives an 8-by-2.5 foot table and two chairs, unless you have requested otherwise. We will provide each vendor with at least an 8-by-8 foot area of space. We ask that vendors stay within their assigned space and be courteous of their crafty neighbors. If you have racks or other display structures, they MUST fit within your assigned space. Likewise, you must contain all of your extra merchandise containers within this space. If your table is close to a wall you will still need to bring your own display structures. Vendors may NOT tape or hang any items to the wall.

When planning your set-up, think vertical. Stores such as Target sell cheap storage products, like stackable cubes and shoe shelves that can help you display things up and at eye level. Such products generally can be transported flat and quickly assembled on site. If this is your first craft fair, it’s a smart idea to plan your table out at home. Make sure you scope it out from the front, as your customers will see it.

If your product requires electricity to functionally display it, you must request no later than November 13, 2013. There is no free internet service at the Convention Center. If you would like internet access, you must arrange it with the Convention Center by completing the form found under the Telecommunications section. You, the vendor, are responsible for making these arrangements; the Handmade Arcade organizers will not be able to connect you to internet service.

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Volunteer Help:
HA Volunteers will be recognizable by their name badge and HA apron. They are there to assist you. They will also be available to watch your table for brief trips to the restroom or concessions stand. Volunteers will only watch your table and will not make any sales — shoppers will be informed that the vendor will return shortly. Please keep these trips short. Handmade Arcade organizers are available at the Welcome Tent located at the front of the hall.

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What to Bring: 

  • Your crafts, and LOTS of them.
  • Lots of change. You can never have too many small bills – ones, fives and tens. You can bring a cash box, but nothing is more secure than wearing your money — either in an apron or in your pockets (trousers with four big pockets — $1, $5, $10 and $20) The Welcome Table will NOT be able to assist you in breaking large bills.
  • Business cards or other promotional/contact materials for your craft venture. You may also want to have a mailing list sign-up sheet.
  • A friend. If you don’t have a buddy to help out, HA will have volunteers on hand who can watch your table while you take a bathroom break or grab some food.
  • Tablecloth or yardage. You’ll also want enough material to hang to the floor, and disguise all the stuff you’re storing under the table.
  • Mirrors are useful if you’re selling clothing or jewelry.
  • Bags. If you don’t have your own, supermarket bags are fine.
  • Craft-fair handy bag. Might include: masking tape, safety pins, Sharpie, scissors, needle and thread, string, small notebook, pens, aspirin, and Band-Aids.
  • Trash bag.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • We will have a promo table. This is a great place to put your own fliers, postcards, coupons, and giveaways.
  • Bring a Sweater. Please note that the Convention Center is a “green building” and during load-in the heating system will be turned off while the loading dock doors are open. After this time, it will take several hours (depending upon how cold it is outside) for the hall to completely return to normal temperature. If you have an early shift, you may want to bring a sweater.

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Tips and Information:

  • Signage. Make sure your products are identified, if they’re not obvious to customers, and that you highlight a unique feature (“Made from recycled chopsticks!”).
  • Mark prices clearly.
  • Inventory what you’re bringing. That way, after the fair you can sort out what you’ve sold.
  • Stand and deliver. Sure, it’s a long day and your feet may be crying for a break, but you’re more likely to engage customers and appear accessible if you’re standing up and eye-level with them. Sitting, head bowed over some craft work, isn’t inviting to sales. Remember, this is retail. You don’t have to do a hard sell, but smiling, inviting customers over, talking up your products are all smart strategies.
  • There are ATMs in the Convention Center and at various locations downtown.
  • The Convention Center concessions within our hall will be open at breakfast time and stays open through dinner. Breakfast items, lunch, beverages, and snacks will be available for purchase.

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PA Sales Tax and City of Pittsburgh Vendor Permit:
Vendors must register for a PA Sales Tax License if selling taxable items. Go to to register online. You can also complete a paper PA-100. For more information, go to

For information about the City of Pittsburgh vendor requirements go to (You are only required to file as a vendor with the City of Pittsburgh if you make more than $12,000 per year as a vendor). These and any other legal requirements are the vendors’ personal responsibility. Handmade Arcade will not request proof of compliance.

Pennsylvania Tax Obligations for Out-of-State Vendors
Download the PA Tax Obligations for Out-Of-State Vendors brochure for more information.
Handmade Arcade is not able to help you with this process.

Help promote Handmade Arcade! Visit our Media Image page to get various sized web ads and buttons to use on your social media pages.  Event posters and postcards are available at Wildcard, 4209 Butler Street in Lawrenceville, for you to pick up and distribute in your neighborhood. In addition, we will be sending out email blasts in the days approaching the show, and we encourage you to do likewise. And don’t forget social networking. If you haven’t already, join or like our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages and repost to yours.

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For More Information:
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have further questions. It is better to ask in advance. For last-minute emergencies the night before and the morning of the show, do not email. Please call Tricia at 412-654-3889 or Elizabeth at 412-478-5222. We suggest that you put these numbers in your phone so that you have it during your travel to the show.

We are looking forward to another successful and fun Handmade Arcade!

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